10 Online Money Making Tools Are So Amazing That They Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

1.A Custom Domain

If you have a personal brand, or you have a business of any sort you need a website. For that you need to have your domain first. Most vendors charge a huge amount of money for booking the domain. Good news is, you don’t need to go to them as you can do that task yourself.

Here are top 10 Domain Booking websites. You just need to go to these websites and book a domain for yourself. All these links are hyperlinked, hence you can click them and directly visit these websites.


2.Website Hosting Services

You can create your own website but it always needs two things:

1. Domain Name

2. Website Hosting Space

You will have to book these from the trusted domain and hosting providers. To Make your work easy, I want to share with you the best web hosting providers for India. Click on any of the below links to check out these websites so that you can compare their prices and plans to make a wise decision.

Best Web Hosting Services for Indian Market:

3.Tracking System

The Wise Entrepreneurs always track their performance to make decisions. They always try to understand what has been working and what is not. This activity is very important because it helps them to stop what doesn’t work and keep going what works. Intelligent filtration of the working processes in a timely fashion avoids wastage of resources in the long run.

If you are promoting your websites or any affiliate product then you must know which one is getting tracked the most. Which one is making you money and which one is just consuming your energy.

Each link of yours must be tracked so that you can understand how many people clicked them, how many were false clicks, how many clicked more than once and who is trying to make a decision.

The best part is that there are many tools which can help you track this information.

I am sharing with you the top 10 tools here which can help you track this information anytime . Click on each of these links to compare their prices and plans. You can even try them during their trial periods and then take a final decision.

4. Chatbots

Are you using Facebook messenger?

If yes, Then I want to share with you that Facebook messenger open rate is the highest in the market. If you send a personalized message to anyone on Facebook in their messenger, then they always open it. Open rate is as high as 60%. Such high open rate is not found in any other medium, not even emails.

By using chatbot, you can send the message to 1000’s of your Facebook messenger subscribers in just one click. You can even schedule the message and send it at any specific time. You can also automate a message flow wherein, if the customer types any particular response, then he gets a suitable reply instantly.

This is really an interesting tool. You must use any one of the below tools to automate your Facebook messages. Click on the below links to check out the features of various chatbot services.

5. E-learning Platform

One of the greatest business models is the model of sharing knowledge these days. You might be a cook, a gardener or an educationist – you must share your knowledge with people.

The easiest way to share your knowledge and earn money is by creating a good video course and selling it online.  Here are few websites where you can create and upload your courses. These websites will help you earn a lot of money as there are millions of people who use them to reach out to the whole world. Explore them by clicking on the links.


6.Landing Page Creators

For selling any online course, software or product you need a landing page where people can come get the product details and show interest by putting up their email id and phone details. This will help you collect the data and build your list.

Landing page is just a webpage. You can design it in just few seconds using any of the landing page creator tools. Below are few websites which can help you build your landing page in few minutes. They have inbuilt sample landing page. Aa you need to do it edit them and put your customized content. Use them to save time and a lot of money.

7.Email Marketing Tool

Whether you are a small scale industry owner or a large enterprise owner – you must have a reliable email marketing tool to automate your emails and send them even when you are sleeping.

An Email Marketing Tool can do millions of things for you – It can connect with your customers, generate sales for you, wish your customers on important dates, send payment reminders and much more.

Most Email Marketing software’s have similar features. These includes free trials, wide array of email templates, social media integrations and email scheduling.

They also have millions of ready made templates to make your task easy in writing any marketing flow or make payment reminder emails.

Here is the list of top 10 Email Marketing Tools for you :

8.Webinar System

Lot of Businesses use webinar to connect to their end users. Using webinars you can build a more personal relationship with your audiences, understand them, spread your views to them on any topic and understand their concerns without moving anywhere.

They help you build your personal brand since they are as effective as a personal meeting. The best part is that you can address as large as a audience of 100000 people using single webinar.

People these days use webinars to solve their problems, to sell their products, for addressing people and for building communities.

Here Are The Top 10 Webinar Software Which You Can Use To Run Your Webinars sitting at home. All you need is a quiet place and good internet connectivity.

9.Social Media Managers 

It is a world of social media. You must be using a lot of social media sites like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, linked in etc. These sites play a very big role in selling your products online and building your brand.

However to post your content on all these sites, you need to login on each site and then post your content wisely. Which is absolutely boring and time consuming after a certain limit. Isn’t it?

Below are few tools which can take away the entire headache and help you update all your social media platforms in just a single click. Use them and save a lot of your time.

10.Video Editor Apps

In This era of videos, you must learn to create creative videos because one video editor charges anywhere between $20 to $200 for editing a single one minute video. You would require 100’s of videos if you are selling your courses online.  I would highly recommend that you must download or use any of these apps/software’s to edit your own videos since it’s easy and simple. You can learn them in just 1 hour and make your life simple.

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