There are a lot of happenings these days where we see that people are addicted to various kinds of drugs and substances. But one of the greatest addiction about which we have never read about nor heard about, and most of you don’t even know about it, it’s the addiction of thinking. People, who can’t stop thinking, are similar as those who can’t stop drinking or the ones who can’t stop smoking.

Thinking is a greater addiction than any of these drugs, and it’s an addiction because it’s a pseudo sense of self, wherein a great reluctance is seen on the part of people to let go thinking. Excessive thinking can be termed as a certain person who has pitched a tent in your mind; it can be really annoying as it drains your entire body. It sucks the energy out of you and also occupies the energetic space of your mind so much so that you cannot think positively and be happy. The main thing about it excessive thinking is that it makes you lose the ability to work and it does so by creating havoc in your life. What should you do then?

Your choice is not to understand more or to bring some inputs to stop excessive thinking. What you have to do is to practise the state in which your brain is relaxed and you are not thinking which can be arrived at by various ways. First, by becoming more aware of the present moment, accept the present moment as it, this helps you to slow down the active mind and concentrate on the present happenings. Because of a lot of over activity if the mind is in an attempt to get away, bind it back to the simplicity of the present moment. I know it’s easier said than done, but you can also have little pointers in your office, in your car, in your bedroom asking you to be AWARE OF THE PRESENT.

By doing this excessive thinking subsides, it may not disappear completely, but something arises in the brain, which is primary, which shifts the focus and so the method works. To be present, first of all, use the present moment to become conscious of the surroundings. Now, the question arises, how to become conscious of the present moment? You can sense, the sense of the present, but helpful things are sense receptors, which take you out of thinking like labelling, naming or even looking around.

The human mind is a lot more complex and tricky than you think. When a thought builds up in your mind, your mind starts to pull you in. But once you had known that you can allow the thought to rise above without following it where it wants you to go, which is to another bigger thought and then another even bigger one, that’s where you conquer and break this pattern of excessive thinking. So, try the following to stop this building addiction, which is somewhere the reason for you not performing to your best.

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