Thought and Life Mastery Workshop – Indore 2019-04-10T11:32:17+00:00

In “Thought and Life Mastery Workshop” you’ll learn the strategies and techniques of the world’s greatest achievers. You’ll also learn how these incredibly powerful techniques will work for you – SO YOU CAN MASTER YOUR LIFE!

A workshop which will make you laugh, meditate, realise, rejuvenate and Change 360 degree.


Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore (BSR)

Benefits of this workshop :
• Empower Yourself by knowing your true potential
• Control Stress and Attain Mental Peace
• You will be able to change your belief, thinking and behavioral patterns
• You can get rid of destructive addictions & phobias
• Boost your confidence for personal growth
• Take Control over your body and mind
• Turn desire into burning desire
• Reaching to the Peak Performance Levels at your work
• Understand you True Potential to Grow Your Business and Yourself
• Better Interpersonal Skills
• Powerful Positive attitude for Better Results in life and at work
And much more….

Don’t think! Take out just one day for yourself and experience the difference in yourself.

Date: 21st April 2019| Time: 9.30.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Venue:  Hotel Amrit Residency, 11/5, South Tukoganj, Nathmandir Road, Near Treasure Island Mall, Tukoganj, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 

Investment : Donate As Per Your Wish ₹ 0 – 5000/- post attending the workshop.