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Bhupendra Singh Rathore [popularly known as BSR] is a dynamic motivational speaker who has fueled a positive change with his entertaining, customized and research driven programs. With his interactive programs, he provides keynotes and Power Talk sessions for corporate as well as for individual success on topics like Power of vision, Formula for being ultra-successful, Get Ahead, Stay Ahead, Boost Your Sales, Lead With Passion and Master Your Thoughts Master Your Life. With BSR’s personal guidance you can attain unimagined levels of success by discovering your life purpose and removing all the limitations from your past.

Drawing on years of practice and experience, BSR weaves an easy to understand the powerful transformational program to motivate the employees of your organization with eye-opening doses of inspiration. His highly experiential format never fails to transform you at the core of your being. Your employees will walk out of the door a better, happier and a more focused individual. His works have touched the lives of many and have brought about permanent changes in his client’s confidence and their ability to achieve dreams. To invite BSR for a session in your organization is to open a candid conversation that answers various questions leading to your own success.


High level of morale is essential in your workplace and a happy motivated team would always want to work hard and help the company grow. Uplift the morale of your employees by signing them up for a session with BSR.


Many employees are aware of the things that need to be done. But, most of the time it is not easy to find a motivation to do those things. Correct motivation not only fuels the productivity of your employees but also builds up an efficient workspace.