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Outbound training builds upon the concept of training through experiential learning. It is a form of training which is conducted outdoors putting the participants in touch with nature. The aim of the training is to enhance employee’s self-confidence thus improving the productivity of the organization. The employees learn team bonding, time management, team building, problem-solving and decision making in the outbound training program conducted by BSR. If organized appropriately, such activities can serve a serious purpose of reaping great benefits for your organization.

Outbound training and all its entails is an effective tool for training corporate personnel. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks. BSR then invite the teams to achieve a goal but does not explain how to successfully complete the activity. He focusses on relating the outbound training activities to the employee’s real-life workplace instances thus bringing out the aspects of planning, leadership, communication, and delegation through the process.


Nothing in the organization can be achieved without teamwork. It is highly important for everyone in the team to be in sync with one another. See your employees work in a team and learn from each other.


Efforts to manage risk may make employees hesitant to take initiative. Discover focused, planned and safe structured approach to make employees learn and experience the art of taking risks in an unfamiliar environment.

All the employees are very happy after the workshop and recommended this workshop to all the other people in the company. It was a great session and helped us in creating very good bonding among all leaders (GLs & Managers). Thanks BSR for including a lot of team activities / games/ innovative role plays etc. Learning lessons through experiential learning was a different and refreshing experience. It made us realize that even in unfamiliar atmosphere anything can be achieved and ‘Nothing Is Impossible’. Overall, it was an excellent session. We will certainly ask you to

do it again.

Pavan Singh, Project Manager, Amdocs, India