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These days everyone is under stress and pressure of some sorts. Stress is a normal physical reaction which occurs when you are threatened or too worked up. It often becomes difficult for the people to handle stress at work which is why they require stress management programs. These programs helps the participants i.e. the employees of the company to channelize their energies elsewhere. These programs also equip leaders and individuals at your company with effective stress management strategies.

Some organizations work on the concept that pressure and stress will make the employees more productive. But the reality is that way too much pressure may fracture people not instantly but slowly. In the stress management corporate training programs, BSR not only outlines the causes of stress and its impact on the employees, he also suggests techniques with the help of which you will be able to free yourself from negative self-talk and other self-sabotaging behaviours. With BSR’s ways of handling the stress, you will discover a newer version of your self which is more positive, enigmatic and happy.


Stress is the major cause of low work quality. Explore various stress reduction techniques that will help employees handle tension on and off the job. And a stress-free attitude will, in turn, reflect on their work.


Employees are a major part of the company. Stress-free employees would be working more effectively and efficiently for the company. Discover how to maintain a strong healthy workspace culture that will foster productivity and creativity.

Sir your workshop is really amazing and after attending first session really looking forward to the 2nd one. You filled us with enthusiasm and hope you can be with us forever. Sir I tried your mirroring and matching concept and rest all the things which you taught and it really worked well sir. Earlier we used to get demotivated with small things but now onward I am stress free and in charge of my life. Thank you for sharing wonderful things.

Himanshu Sinha, Assistant Manager, Axis Bank