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A group of people working together towards a common goal constitutes a team. But when we have a group of individuals having different interest, attitudes and tastes coming together to work for a common goal, often more than not there might be a difference in opinion and thus problems start arising within the team. The skill to build a team is a critical competency and for this team training programs are used. It is a program where a variety of team building activities are used to boost social relations amongst the employees.

Learning team building from BSR is an unprecedented opportunity to network with your fellow employees. It is also useful in defining roles amongst the teams. BSR is designated to empower your team with cutting-edge skills and strategies and help them prepare for the unforeseen and ever-changing business market. This groundbreaking, ‘Team building’ is a profound experience which will truly recharge your team spirit and take you towards the path of success and prosperity. The activities bring everyone together and you learn that there is no better way to understand someone than this.


It turns out happiness and learning are tied closely together. Trying new things with your staff can generate new vibes amongst employees, which in turn results in better focused and more engaged employees. Thus indirectly benefiting the organization itself.


The activities herein motivate the employees to pool in their talents and perform their best individually and as team players. Also, discover how diversity is the greatest asset and trust and cooperation the key’s to the organizational success.

The session for our group was very refreshing. It helped the folks to interact with each other, share ideas, brainstorm and identify the best solution to overcome a situation. It also helped in building a very strong team bonding. The session involved in some physical activities (games, relays, etc.) which also helped every individual realize their actual strength and the need to continuously workout to keep themselves fit.

Shivkumar Ravindran, Team Leader, Symantec Software India Ltd