Today we decided to have doing something new and exciting for our readers. Enough of reading about your business idols! Today we give our readers a chance to explore their own self in a fun and interactive manner.

Get ready with a pen and paper and jot down the answers to these few questions after which we will help you evaluate whether you have the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. So, do you think you know business? Let’s get you tested!

1. What according to you are required to make a business successful?

A. Application of right technique could take you places.

B. Hard work is all that is needed to make any business achieve height.

2. According to you what should be the basis for hiring an employee?

A. An employee’s attitude is what that attracts me.

B. An employee’s credentials speak for his work.

3. Who is the most essential component of a business organization?

A. An efficient manager is the most important person.

B. The entire team is necessary.

4. For small business owners, one of the most important objectives is _______.

A. Growth

B. Profitability

5.  Bobby just started his own venture. He believes that selling his product at lower prices than the competitors is all that is required for his product to become a market success. Do you agree?

A. No, I believe there are a lot of factors other than pricing that should be taken into consideration.

B. Yes, I totally agree with Bobby and his ways. Because when your product is cheaper than the rest you sure will sell more.

6. I am responsible for my own actions. People who rely on luck are irresponsible.

A. True

B. False

7. Are you willing to make financial sacrifices and live a reduced lifestyle before and during your early entrepreneurial years?

A. Yes

B. No

8.   Are you flexible and willing to change course when things are not going your way?

A. Yes, I’ll explore the options.

B. No, I generally stick to what I’ve have decided.

9.   How do you feel about taking risks, How often do you take risks?

A. Often, I really like the feeling of being on the edge a bit.

B. Rarely, Calculated risks are acceptable at times.

10.  When you have an idea and you feel you will be successful, you rarely take advice from your friends/family or any experts of the field.

A. True

B. False

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the questionnaire, now let’s access you on the basis of your answers:

  • If you have a lot of A’s to your answer you definitely have all that is required to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • If you have more of B’s then a little work is required to revamp your mindset and bring it on track.
  • If your A’s and B’s are equal then a push in the right direction is all that is needed and you will be unstoppable.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun activity. Drop your comments below about your experience taking the quiz. You can request for more such fun quizzes by commenting so in the box below.

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