Do you ever feel that you have reached your full human potential? Before putting forth this question let’s talk about what is human potential.

Full Human potential: Everything which we have ever been taught and learned denotes a potential virus. It’s a virus that stops how much potential we have to do something. Always we have been told it is just the way it Is, you have the potential in a negative way, you can’t-do this, you can’t-do that. By being told that throughout our life, we begin to develop a belief system in how the world is and how we are and who we are. Unfortunately, I find it to be very limiting. We must be aware that everything is possible in this life and we have great potential to achieve it.

To showcase this thought we have to move beyond the idea that we are limited. We have been allowing ourselves to believe that we can only jump so high because we have been told over and over again that this is how far that you can go.  We are constantly being told all these limiting ideas but always keep in mind that anyone who is telling you is not guilty of it. It is you who is to be blamed for believing that you have limitations.

Today I would like to share some secrets with you. Secrets that are inside you. Secrets that might change your belief of who you are and what you are capable of.

A wise man once said that “Better thing starts with you”, but I take a moment to say “No, better things start within you”. So, what’s there inside you deep under your skin? It is nothing but the hidden human potential. We all have a hidden human potential but the truth is that we only use 10% of our mental capacity and 90% of it is rendered unused. What is it that 90% about and why is it so difficult to access it? Is it about your memory? Or is it about your immune system? Is it about much more control, self-regulation or decision-making? What actually is it?

We don’t have any definite answer yet but what we do know is monks and nuns all over Asia practice yoga to dig into that 90%. Researchers have found that their brains are very different from that of ours. It all resides in the power of meditation. A few minutes from our life can not only help us gain the untapped energies but would also take us to the path to unleashing the hidden human potential which could direct us to success.

With the unraveling of this hidden human potential, we could change the world because a better environment starts inside you. We are a giant and have much more capacity than we think. Take time of your day and meditate and turn it into practice, and you will soon witness how things start to change. You will be reminded of the 90% of potential that’s inside you. More consciousness and more enhanced abilities will lead to the construction of a better climate a better environment at work as well as home. The power and the process all lies within you!

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